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Skanunu Lagercleaner en smeerolie

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Deze speciale gecombineerde Skanunu olie, reinigt en smeer lagers tegelijkertijd. Tevens anti-corrosie. Heb jij niet altijd tijd je lagers de volledige schoonmaakbeurt te geven, dan is dit het beste snelle alternatief.

Using Skanunu Really Wet and Slippery Bearing Cleaner & Lube has its benefits:

  • It cleans all components (Shield, Inner Race, Bearings, Retainer, and Outer Race) of your ABEC rated, swiss, Biltin and ceramic bearing sets with its tough degreasing formula
  • It coats all the metal components with a non-corrosive protective shield to polish and repel water & dirt without harming the plastic, nylon or rubber components typically found in bearing sets.
  • It leaves behind a long-lasting non-drying lubricant that keeps you riding fast -- all in a 2oz. bottle!